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Longitudinal Waves Propagation in the Standard Linear Solid Semiinfinite Bars Described by Fractional Derivative Viscoelastic Model
GAO Hongbo
[Abstract](181) [PDF 5228KB](25)
In semiinfinite bars by viscoelastic model, the wavefront strength in wave propagation process will reduce, the intensity attenuation has the relationship with the properties of the viscoelastic material. In order to analyze the change situation of wave in the viscoelastic beam propagation, velocity and attenuation factor, based on fractional theory, the influence of related parameters is analyzed by the viscoelastic standard solid model on the wave velocity and attenuation factor. The given model can better describe the change of longitudinal wave in the propagation phase velocity and attenuation factor. On the basis of the complex compliance by the standard viscoelastic solid model, the influence about order of the fractional derivative viscoelasticity differential operator, angular frequency and delay time on wave phase velocity and attenuation factor are analyzed.The results show that, as the delay time value increases, the propagation phase velocity of the longitudinal wave in the viscoelastic linear standard solid semiinfinite bars is increasing and the attenuation factor is decreasing. With the increase of fractional derivative differential operators, the propagation velocity and attenuation factor has the trend of decreasing first and then decreasing.
Seismic Response of Geogrid Reinforced Embankment in Saturated Soft Subgrade
ZHANG Liwei, LIANG Zhimeng
[Abstract](366) [PDF 2386KB](46)
In order to discuss the dynamic response characteristics of geogrid reinforced embankment in saturated soft subgrade, numerical models for the interaction system of geogrid reinforced embankment and saturated soft subgrade were established to investigate the effects of the reinforcement mode, the elastic modulus of geogrid, the geogrid spacing and the properties of embankment filler on the dynamic response of geogrid reinforced embankment. The numerical results show that: the increasing elastic modulus of geogrid can significantly improve the dynamic performance of embankment when the geogrid is close to the bottom of embankment; the reinforcement effect decays with the increase of geogrid layers; the increasing internal friction angle and cohesion of embankment filler can improve the dynamic performance of geogrid reinforced embankment and the effect attenuates when material parameters reach to certain values.
Liouville Type Theorems for p-harmonic Functions on Submanifolds in a Hadamard Manifold
HAN Yingbo, JIANG Kaige , ZHANG Qianyu
[Abstract](114) [PDF 332KB](15)
Let 〖WTBX〗m〖WTBZ〗dimensional complete noncompact oriented submanifolds in Hadamard manifolds have finite total curvature and nonpositive sectional curvature. Further, it is assumed that the first eigenvalue of Laplacian in 〖WTBX〗M〖WTBZ〗 is bounded by an appropriate constant. Then, when the norm of 〖WTBX〗Lp〖WTBZ〗 of the smooth function 〖WTBX〗u 〖WTBZ〗is finite, any 〖WTBX〗p〖WTBZ〗harmonic function must be a constant〖WTBX〗(p≥ 2).
Large Data Mining Method Based on Semantic Correlation Feature Fusion
MI Jie
[Abstract](75) [PDF 1846KB](3)
A large data mining algorithm based on semantic correlation feature fusion is proposed. Phase space reconstruction of the cloud storage large distributed data flow is taken for information extraction, the semantic association feature is extracted in the reconstruction phase space, the extracted features are taken as the testing sets for the adaptive training. The fuzzy C means algorithm is taken for the big data semantic correlation feature sparsity fusion and the clustering processing, the directional clustering of mining target data is realized in the cluster center, the mining data is output, and the feature compressor is used to reduce the dimension and reduce computational overhead. Simulation results show that the method can mine the big data accurately, the clustering ability is stronger, and it has the advantages in realtime and accuracy.
2D Acoustic Analysis Based on Exact GeometricBoundary Element Method
ZHANG Wei,WANG Shige,LU Chuang
[Abstract](66) [PDF 1015KB](17)
Boundary Element Method is an important technique to deal with acoustic issue where the domain extends to infinity. The geometric error will be eliminated, owing to the real geometric boundaries introduced into the basic function. Based on the theory of exact geometric analysis, the real geometric boundaries are considered, the error created by meshing is decreased, and a new boundary integral equation is introduced. The method of Cauchy principle value integrals and Hadamard finitepart integral are used to solve the problem of singular term integrals. Besides, nonunique solution caused by fictitious frequency is circumvented through the BurtonMiller method. Numerical examples are presented to show that the method considering the exact geometric boundary has a good accuracy.
Spatial-temporal Variations of Extreme Temperature Events in Henan Province from 1961 to 2016
ZHAO Guoyong , HAN Yan , LIU Minghua , XU Chang , XU Feng
[Abstract](195) [PDF 1164KB](22)
Using daily maximum, minimum and average temperature data from 17 meteorological stations in Henan Province during 1961-2016, the spatial and temporal variations of sixteen extreme temperature indices (cooling and warm indices) were analyzed by using multiple methods, such as Sen's tendency estimation, Mann-Kendall test, R/S analysis and spatial analysis. The results showed that: (1) In terms of temporal variations, extreme temperature indices over Henan Province presented a warming trend during the last 56 years. The indices (e.g. frost days, cool nights, warm nights and growing season length) showed the most significant warming trend. (2) In terms of spatial variations, each station also showed a warming trend. And the warming trends of Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Xinxiang and Sanmenxia area were the most obvious. (3) The cooling indices varied earlier than the warming indices. The initial warming, the significant warming and abrupt warming of cooling indices occurred earlier and to a greater magnitude. It suggested that the cooling indices were more sensible than warming indices in response to global warming. (4) Extremes temperature indices over Henan Province showed a strong persistence, indicating that the warming trend of extreme temperature indices will continue.
Preparation of the Strong Sticky Material Similar to Mussel and Studies on the Modified Waste Rubber Powder
SONG Lijun , YU Ruobing , XU Shiai
[Abstract](151) [PDF 934KB](13)
Imitating the structure of the strong adhesive material released by mussel, the strong sticky material was prepared by virtue of catechol, phenol and formaldehyde to obtain catechol modified phenolic resin(CPF). When the mole ratio of catechol and phenol was 1:4, its shear strength of CPF was 13.5MPa. CPF was added into waste rubber powder(WRP) to obtain the elastic material. It was shown that there were no obvious gaps between the particles of WRP in SEM. When the mass ratio of CPF and WRP was 0.05 (the mass ratio of HMTA and CPF was 0.1), the tensile strength of the elastic material was 6.04MPa. After 100℃×24h heat treatment, the tensile strength of the elastic material was 7.65MPa. With the increase of CPF loading, the hydrophilicity of the elastic material was improved.
Disparities in the West Coast of Taiwan Straits Economic Zone
LI Hangfei , WEI Shaobing
[Abstract](148) [PDF 1125KB](13)
The West Coast of Taiwan Straits Economic Zone is located in the depression of economic development between the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, its strategic significance to Taiwan and the reunification is very important. The paper discusses the spatial-temporal evolution of regional economic development disparities in the West Coast of Taiwan Straits Economic Zone since 2007 years and analyzes its genetic mechanism by the ways of spatial autocorrelation analysis, factor analysis and multivariate linear regression analysis. The results show that regional economic development has an obvious characteristic of positive autocorrelation in the West Coast of Taiwan Straits Economic Zone, the spatial convergence phenomena of economic development is obvious, and the trend of the spatial agglomeration and convergence is more and more apparent, the difference of regional economic development has been narrowing; The “core–edge” structure characteristics is evident, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou and so on have been at the core, the regions such as Meizhou, Shantou, Jieyang and Chaozhou, Ganzhou, Fuzhou, Shangrao have been at the edge area; The factors of government investment, geographical location, economic foundation, the degree of marketization and urbanization level play an important role on the regional economic development in the West Coast Strait Economic Zone. The research results can provide guidance for the coordinated and symbiotic development of the West Coast of Taiwan Straits Economic Zone and provide references for the regional development of other cross-administrative regions.
The α-Po Network Based on Zn(II) ion and Flexible Bisimidazole
TU Changzheng
[Abstract](103) [PDF 721KB](5)
The new compound, [Zn(L)3](NO3)2 (1), was synthesized by 1,4-bis(imidazol-1-ylmethyl)benzene (L) and Zn(NO3)2•6H2O under hydrothermal conditon. The structure was characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy,single crystal X-ray diffraction, and powder X-ray diffraction.The results reveal that tile compound exhibits a triply interpenetrating three-dimensional (3D) framework with triclinic system, space groupP-1. The central ion Zn(II) can be regarded as six-connected node, which was bridged by the neutral ligand L to form a α-Po (pcu) network with positive charges. In addition, the photoluminescence property in the solid state and thermal analysis of compound 1 were also investigated.
Electrochemical Determination of Oxytetracycline in Animal−Derived Food based on Cu2O Microspheres Modified Electrode
SUN Junyong , CHANG Lin , LI Hanxiao , LIU Yangxiao
[Abstract](130) [PDF 1010KB](16)
The electrochemical behaviors of oxytetracycline on Cu2O microspheres modified glassy carbon electrode were studied, and it was found that the oxidation of oxytetracycline was an adsorption-controlled, one-proton, one-electron, and irreversible process. In pH 4.8 HAc-NaAc buffer solution, an electrochemical method with high sensitivity was developed for the determination of oxytetracycline using square wave voltammetry after an open−circuit accumulation at 0.4 V. The linear range was 0.5~210 µmol/L and the limit of detection was 0.15 µmol/L (RSN = 3). Finally, this method was applied for the determination of oxytetracycline in animal−derived food, and the recovery was between 97.4%~105%.
Preparation and Properties of Composite Superabsorbent Resin based on Organic Bentonite
YANG Xin , MA Xuemei , ZHANG Yu , YANG Xingkun
[Abstract](93) [PDF 666KB](6)
Organic bentonite was prepared by the modification of Na-bentonite via cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTMAB). A composite superabsorbent resin was successfully synthesized by aqueous polymerization of organic bentonite, itaconic acid (IA) and N-methylol acrylamide (N-MAM). The water absorbency and the thermal stability of the composite superabsorbent resin were investigated. The results showed that, in the pH range of 7~10 and the content of organic bentonite at 3%, the water absorbency and salt tolerance was increased. TGA results indicated that the thermal stability of the composite superabsorbent resin was also improved.
Preparation of Non-porous Monodisperse Hydrophilic Boric Acid-affinity Chromatographic Stationary Phase and Its Application in Separation of Some Antibiotics
BO Chunmiao , GONG Bolin , CHEN Weimin
[Abstract](119) [PDF 1067KB](8)
A novel boric acid-affinity chromatographic packings was prepared by using 3.0 μm non-porous monodisperse poly(glycidylmethacrylate-co-ethylenedimethacrylate) beads (PGMA/EDMA) as matrix and M-aminophenylboric acid (APBA) as ligand. The specific effects of antibiotics, such as norvancomycin, amikacin, isopamicin and gentamicin, with boric acid ligands, as well as the effects of salt ion concentration and pH in mobile phase on the retention of antibiotics were investigated. The results indicated that antibiotics with o-hydroxyl groups and borate groups had affinity specificity, and antibiotics with the different number of o-hydroxyl groups in structure showed different retention ability. Furthermore, the norvancomycin was purified by boric acid affinity column and the purified solution was determined by reversed-phase column, proving that the developed boric acid affinity chromatographic column in this study was capable of purifying norvancomycin.
Study on Electrochemical Performance of LaNi2.5Co0.5 Hydrogen Storage Alloy during Charge and Discharge Cycles
DONG Zhenwei , WANG Yunke , CHAO Chunying , MA Rongbin , WU Xiwang , GAO Yuanhao
[Abstract](140) [PDF 726KB](4)
The phase structures of LaNi2.5Co0.5 alloy and its hydride which prepared by induction melting method as the research object were analyzed, and the electrochemical properties such as discharge capacity retention, high rate discharge performance, hydrogen diffusion coefficient and polarization current of the alloy electrode were also investigated. The results showed that the amorphous phenomena occurred after charging for the alloy, which resulted in the decrease of hydrogen concentration and hydride stability. The discharge capacity and high rate of dischargeability of the alloy decreased first fast and then slowly by increasing cycles, but the hydrogen diffusion coefficient and polarization current density of the alloys showed different variation trend. The high rate dischargeability was mainly controlled by the surface reactivity, which indicated that the surface degradation was the main factor on electrochemical performances of the alloy electrode.
Spatial Distribution Research of Beautiful Countryside:A Case Study in Henan Province
XIE Wenquan , ZHAI Huimin , FAN SiJia , WULili
[Abstract](122) [PDF 694KB](6)
The Voronoi coefficient of variation and standard deviational ellipse methods were employed to study the characteristics and the change trend of spatial distribution of the beautiful countryside based on the beautiful countryside data between the year 2013 and 2017 in HeNan province. The results show that: ① While the number of beautiful countryside in Henan has increased dramatically, the number is becoming more and more balanced in city scale;②the spatial distribution patterns in the provincial and regional scales were changing from random distribution to cluster distribution,but the intensity of the changes in different regions is atypism, but the differ among different regions in spatial distribution patterns gradually decreases;③the spatial distribution gravity of the beautiful countryside in henan province moved northward in the mass and the moving speed and direction were different among different cross section in time;④the distribution space was shrinkinggrandually;the direction characteristic was becoming weaker in addtionthe axis of spatial distribution was approaching to the due south-north direction.
Variation characteristics of classic isolines in Huaihe River Basin during 1951-2014
HAN Yan , ZHAO Guoyonga , LIU Minghua , ZHAI Hainan , ZHANG Yuejina , GUAN Panpan
[Abstract](113) [PDF 641KB](8)
Based on monthly temperature and precipitation data from 29 meteorological stations in Huaihe River Basin during 1951-2014, the spatial and temporal characteristics of January mean temperature and annual precipitation over Huaihe River Basin were studied by using linear regression, cumulative anomaly, Mann-Kendall test and spatial analysis methods. The results showed that: (1) The January mean temperature over Huaihe River Basin presented a significant warming trend during the past 64 years, and the linear rate was 0.3 ℃/10a. The strongest warming trend occurred since 1986, and the abruptly changed in the year 1973. At decadal time scale, the warmest decade were observed during 1990s and the coolest decade were detected during 1950s. (2) The annual precipitation over Huaihe River Basin showed a moderate decreasing trend during the last 64 years, with the linear trend amounting to -5.9 mm/10a. The lowest and highest decadal precipitation occurred in 2010s and 2000s, respectively. (3) Relative to variations of annual average temperature from Huaihe River Basin, the time abrupted warming of January mean temperature is earlier, indicating that which is more susceptible than annual average temperature in response to global warming. (4) 0 ℃ isotherm in January and 800mm isohyets during last 64 years were located on the north side of the Huaihe River, which was not coincidence with Qinliang-Huaihe Line. The mainly reason is that natural belt remarkably northward moved because of global warming.
Research on Multi-channel Joint Equilibrium Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing Environment
[Abstract](57) [PDF 811KB](4)
Traditional resource scheduling methods have many problems, such as long execution time span, low channel access rate, unbalanced resource load, and so on. A multichannel joint equalization scheduling algorithm was proposed in cloud computing environment. According to the multichannel communication link optimization and multichannel resources in cloud computing environment, the multichannel link model was constructed. The optimization model of the channel end to end reliability maximization was proposed, and the optimization problem was converted into a multi channel joint equilibrium scheduling problem. By using the multichannel optimal span and load balancing algorithm algorithm, the multichannel joint equalization scheduling problem was solved. Combined with the characteristics of multichannel data processing and task execution, the optimal span and load balancing dual fitness function was designed. In the initial stage and close to the convergence stage, the fitness function was adjusted appropriately to complete the multichannel joint balanced scheduling. The experimental results showed that the proposed method has the advantages of small execution time span, high channel access rate and good load balance, which can meet the realtime requirements of resource transmission.
A Robust Adaptive Fuzzy Clustering Segmentation Algorithm Based on Set Partition
ZHU Weiwei,ZHAO Yansong,LI Yanling
[Abstract](49) [PDF 778KB](2)
Fuzzy Cmeans algorithm (FCM) is one of the most commonly used algorithms in image segmentation. In FCM, the initial cluster center and the number of clustering are determined in advance. To address this problem, a new adaptive fuzzy clustering algorithm (AFCM) is proposed. In AFCM algorithm, observation matrix, judgment matrix and set partitioning are used to select the appropriate clustering number automatically. In order to get better image segmentation effect, a robust adaptive fuzzy clustering algorithm (RAFCM) which using kernel distance as a similarity measure is proposed. The experimental results show that, compared with the FCM algorithm, the AFCM and RAFCM algorithms can not only determine the number of clustering automatically but also get better image segmentation quality.
ZHENG Xiucheng , FENG Cuining , ZHU Yanping , LI Ning , GUAN Xinxin
[Abstract](78) [PDF 1536KB](12)
以玉米秸秆为碳源、ZnCl2为刻蚀剂,通过调控玉米秸秆与ZnCl2的相对用量得到一系列多孔碳材料(YAC-x).利用XRD、Raman、XPS、TEM、N2 adsorption-desorption等手段对其进行表征,并利用三电极超级电容器体系测试其电化学性能.结果表明,与未经刻蚀的玉米秸杆碳(YC)相比,所制多孔碳材料具有更丰富的孔结构及更为优异的超级电容性能,其中YAC-4最为突出,当电流密度为1 A/g时比电容为236.8 F/g,这是源于其大的孔容(Vp = 1.11 cm3/g)和高比表面积(SBET = 2060 m2/g).
Induced Module of Modular Lie Superalgebra P~(2)
HU Yuwang, Zhang Kaili
[Abstract](66) [PDF 321KB](4)
Superconvergence Analysis of an 〖WTHX〗H1〖WTHZ〗Galerkin Mixed Finite Element Method  for Twodimension GinzburgLandau Equations
ZHAO Mingxia
[Abstract](64) [PDF 356KB](2)
EQ〖WTBZ〗rot1 nonconforming finite element and zero order RaviartThomas element are applied to discuss an 〖WTBX〗H1〖WTBZ〗Galerkin mixed finite element method(MFEM) for the twodimension GinzburgLandau equations. The superclose results of original variant 〖WTBX〗u 〖WTBZ〗in 〖WTBX〗H1〖WTBZ〗norm and flux variant 〖WTBX〗H(div;Ω) 〖WTBZ〗in 〖WTBX〗L2〖WTBZ〗norm are derived technically under the semidiscrete scheme and the linearized Euler fullydiscrete scheme. At last, numerical experiment is included to illustrate the feasibility of the proposed method.
Stability and Hopf Bifurcation of a HIV1 Infection Model with Time Delay and CTL Immune Response
MA Huilian,GUO Zunguang
[Abstract](44) [PDF 977KB](2)
A HIV1 infection model with time delay and CTL immune response is studied. By analyzing the corresponding characteristic equation, the local stability of each of feasible equilibria and the existence of Hopf bifurcation are established, respectively. By constructing the appropriate Lyapunov function, the global stability of the infectionfree equilibrium and the CTLactivated infection equilibrium are studied. Numerical simulations are carried out to illustrate the theoretical results.
Synthesis and properties of3’-(4-Bromonaphthalene-1-yl) [1, 1’-Biphenyl]-4-Nitrile
YANG Zhenqiang , CHEN Pengli , YANG Liu , CHEN Haitao , CHEN Hui , YANG Ruina
[Abstract](100) [PDF 441KB](2)
3’-(4-Bromonaphthalene-1-yl)[1,1’-biphenyl]-4-nitrile was synthesized by Suzuki reaction and Miyanra reaction using 4-bromobenzonitrile as a raw material. The structure of compound was characterized by 1H NMR, 13C NMR. The effects of reaction temperature, alkali and phosphine ligand on the yield of compound I were studied. The results showed that the highest yield was 92.3% with Pd2(dba)3 as catastyst and Tri(p-tolyl)phosphine as ligand at 55 ℃ of the optimal reaction temperature. Thermal stability properties and optical properties of the title compound were determined with TG and fluorescence spectrum. The compound has good thermal stability, 5% weight loss temperatures of over 321.5 ℃.
Experimental and Numerical Simulation Analysis on Construction Waste Composite Foundation
MA Yan
[Abstract](67) [PDF 2587KB](2)
To study the bearing capacity of construction waste composite foundation, the indoor compression test of the soil of construction waste is made in a project, the single pile and composite foundation are tested by the selfmade large consolidometer, and the bearing capacity is examined through the engineering field static load testing, then the different pile length, pile diameter, composite foundation construction waste of elastic modulus was numerically simulated by using the finite element software. The results show that, the construction waste composite foundation can significantly improve the compression modulus of soft soil roadbed, improve its bearing capacity, and increasing construction waste of granular material pile diameter has significant effect on the reduction of the subgrade settlement and improve the bearing capacity of subgrade. The effect of the change of pile length and pile modulus on the improvement of subgrade settlement and bearing capacity is not obvious. Therefore, the construction waste composite foundation can be applied to soft roadbed treatment.

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Studies on the Model Concerning Controlling Plant Root Pests
WANG Tieying, ZUO Ping, CAI Jin
2018, 31(4): 517-519.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.001
[Abstract](89) [FullText HTML] [PDF 413KB](13)
A kind of model concerning controlling plant root pests with impulsive state feedback control is analyzed. The global asymptotic stability of the positive equilibrium of the system without impulsive state feedback control is obtained by using the qualitative theory of ordinary differential equation, the existence and stability of order one periodic solution of the system with impulsive state feedback control have been studied by the geometry theory and the method of successor functions. The results show that the density of pest can be controlled to be lower than Economic Injury Level.
Studies on a Insulin Therapy Model with Physiological Delays and State Feedback Impulsive Control
HUANG Mingzhan, LIU Shouzong, SONG Xinyu, YU Ling, YAO Jiaoyan
2018, 31(4): 520-524.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.002
[Abstract](82) [FullText HTML] [PDF 1131KB](7)
For the insulin therapy of diabetes, an semi-continuous dynamical system with three physiological time delays and state feedback impulsive insulin injection is proposed. A strict mathematical definition of the solution of general delay semi-continuous dynamical system is firstly given. Then the permanence of the glucose concentration in the model is discussed. Besides, numerical analyses show that the reasonable defined control level can maintain the glucose concentration in the range that people can tolerate. Shorter transport delay of insulin and hepatic glucose production delay produce better control effect, while the insulin secretion delay has almost no impact on the glucose level. Furthermore, if the injection dose is large enough, the system has a stable periodic solution under a predefined control threshold, and the control effect is better when the injection dose is larger, that is, the glucose concentration is lower and the period between two injections is longer.
A Hierarchy of Discrete Liouville Integrable System and Its Coupling System
LI Zhu
2018, 31(4): 525-529.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.003
[Abstract](86) [FullText HTML] [PDF 298KB](3)
A Hierarchy of discrete Liouville integrable system is derived by use of Tu scheme. It is proved that it possesses bi-Hamiltonian structure. Then, the integrable couplings of the obtained system is constructed by virtue of semi-direct sums of Lie algebras
Construction Method of a Kind of Impulsive System and Its Application
NIU Yujun, HU Shangnian, WU Honge
2018, 31(4): 530-534.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.004
[Abstract](47) [FullText HTML] [PDF 441KB](4)
Melnikov function of impulsive system with fixed position signals is constructed by using perturbation method and the classic melnikov method in smooth system,and the necessary condition of chaos's appearance in impulsive system with fixed impulsive signals is derived, which gives an analytical method to the studying of impulsive system. Chaos prediction of Duffing system with fixed impulsive signals is employed to show the efficiency of this method.
Stochastic Online Scheduling on a Single Machine with Simple Linear Deteriorating Jobs
LIU Huiran, MA Ran
2018, 31(4): 535-538.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.005
[Abstract](51) [FullText HTML] [PDF 323KB](0)
The stochastic online scheduling problem is considered on a single machine with simple linear deteriorating jobs. All jobs arrive online over time, the scheduler has no any information about the jobs that would arrive in the future. Only when the jobs arrive, the scheduler can know the expectation of job's processing time immediately, and the expectation of processing time was a simple linear function that depends on the starting time of processing the job. Until the jobs are completed, their actual processing time could be known. The goal function of this problem is to minimize the expectation of total completion time of all jobs. An SHIFT-SDR algorithm is presented to this stochastic online problem by shifting the release time of jobs, with the competitive ratio 1+bmax. This ratio matches the lower bound of deterministic case that is studied by LIU M et al. Thus, this can show that our algorithm is the best possible online algorithm for the problem that we studied.
Study on the Digit Ratio of Han Ethnic Groups in Henan
HAN Xiaofan, WANG Fengchan, ZHAO Xiaojin
2018, 31(4): 539-543.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.006
[Abstract](35) [FullText HTML] [PDF 332KB](0)
The 174 adults (103 males, 71 females) of Han ethnic aged 18 to 60 yeas were studied and they were grouped by gender and major respectively. The length of index finger (2D), middle finger (3D), ring finger (4D) and little finger (5D) were measured and the corresponding digit ratio was calculated. SPSS 23.0 was used for data analysis.The t test and multi-way ANOVA were used to compare the group differences.The results showed:(1) When grouped by gender, there were significant differences between men and women in all digit ratios except 2D:3D and R2D:4D (P<0.05). The sex difference in 3D:5D was the most significant. (2) When grouped by major, there were significant differences between PE major and non-PE major in all digit ratios except 2D:3D and R2D:4D (P<0.05). The difference in 3D:5D was the most significant. (3) There were no statistically significant differences in all digit ratios between left and right hands (P>0.05). It is speculated that the 5D related digit ratios were closely related to the sex and athletic ability.
Expression of CDK16 in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Its Clinicopathological Significance
ZHENG Hao, JING Jianan, LI Tiepeng, XIA Xin, XUAN Ge, DONG Ziming
2018, 31(4): 544-549.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.007
[Abstract](37) [FullText HTML] [PDF 2811KB](3)
The expression of cyclin dependent kinase 16 (CDK16) was detected in tumor tissue microarray of various types of esophageal carcinoma (squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell-like cell carcinoma, spindle cell squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, adeno-squamous cell carcinoma and undifferentiated carcinoma) by immunohistochemistry (IHC). The results showed that the expression of CDK16 in esophageal carcinoma has histological specificity. The expression of CDK16 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma was strongly positive and was negatively correlated with the degree of tumor differentiation. The positive intensity of CDK16 expression in the nucleus showed a decreasing trend with the malignant degree of the tumor, and the positive intensity of CDK16 expression in the cytoplasm showed a increasing trend with the malignant degree of the tumor. In addition, CDK16 was mainly expressed in the nucleus in the lymph nodes, and the expression of CDK16 in lymph nodes was positively correlated with the clinical stage of the tumor. These findings suggest that the expression of CDK16 was closely related to the histological types of esophageal cancer. The high expression of CDK16 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma is closely related with the occurrence and development of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
Study on T1/T2 Balance and its Relationship with IL-12 and IL-27 in Fatigue Model Rats
WU Lijun
2018, 31(4): 550-554.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.008
[Abstract](48) [FullText HTML] [PDF 398KB](0)
Twenty sprague-dawley rats aged 8 weeks were randomly divided into 2 groups:1) control (group A, n=10);2) fatigue model (group B, n=10). Fatigue model was established using exercise training of exhausted swimming in group B. 24 h after the last exhausted swimming in group B, femoral artery blood was collected and the concentrations of IFN-γ, IL-4, IL-12, IL-27 in serum were measured using ABC-ELISA. The experimental result indicated:1) Both of the level of serum IFN-γ and IFN-γ/IL-4 in group B were significantly lower than that in group A (P<0.05), but there was no significant difference of serum IL-4 between group B and group A (P<0.05). 2) Serum IL-12 concentration in group B was significantly lower than that in group A (P<0.05). 3) The concentration of serum IL-12 correlated positively with that of serum IFN-γ (P<0.01), but there were no significant correlation between serum IL-27 and IFN-γ, IL-12 and IL-27 (P>0.05) in rats. In conclusions, T1/T2 imbalance in fatigue rats, characterized by T1-type immunosuppression, is related to production of IL-12, but not closely related to production of IL-27.
Isolation and Genetic Diversity of Microsatellite Molecular Markers in the Yellow-margined Box Turtle (Cuora flavomarginata)
JING Shengli, ZHANG Kun, HUANG Xiaoyan, ZHANG Li, HUANG Bin
2018, 31(4): 555-561.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.009
[Abstract](40) [FullText HTML] [PDF 686KB](3)
The 18 polymorphic microsatellite markers were developed and characterized for C. flavomarginata by using the Fast Isolation by AFLP of Sequence Containing Repeats (FIASCO) protocol to construct an enriched library of microsatellite. These markers revealed 2 to 14 alleles, with an average of 6.3 alleles per locus. The expected and observed heterozygosities ranged from 0.032 to 0.930 (mean 0.329) and from 0.148 to 0.903 (mean 0.635), respectively. Therefore, these markers would be useful tool for future genetics and population structure studies and establish new conservation strategies of C. flavomarginata.
Effects of Different Light Quality on Leaf Development and Photosynthesis of Pakchoi
FAN Xiaoxue, GAO Wenrui, SUN Yanjun, LI Decui, SHI Longyan, HAN Bing, XU Gang
2018, 31(4): 562-567.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.010
[Abstract](41) [FullText HTML] [PDF 1339KB](7)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of different light quality of light emitting diode (LED) on the growth, photosynthesis and leaf development of pakchoi plants (Brassica campestris ssp.chinensis.Makino). Lighting experiments were performed 5 treatments which applied with LED light:red light(R), blue light (B), green light (G), yellow light (Y) and dysprosium lamp (CK). The results showed that, the leaf structure developed well with the tight and thick palisade tissue and spongy tissue under blue LED,meanwhile the porosity develop in elliptic and with higher stomatal frequency per unit area. The photosynthetic rate, transpiration rate, stomatal conductance and intercellular CO2 concentration were also higher under blue LED.
Study on Anti-Escherichia Coli Activity of Chinese Traditional Compound Medicine Water Decoction in Vitro
YANG Linsong, WANG Fang, JI Weiwei, SHEN Yuhuan, DING Shumin, ZHU Xiaolin, ZHUANG Ziheng
2018, 31(4): 568-572.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.011
[Abstract](32) [FullText HTML] [PDF 732KB](0)
WildChrysanthemum indicum, Mentha haplocalyx and Ligusticum sinense decoction was used for the preparation of compound prescription of traditional Chinese medicine in the experiment. The bacteriostasis experiment was carried out by the drug sensitive paper method, and the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and the minimum bactericidal concentration (MBC) were measured by two times dilution method and the nutrient agar diffusion method. Finally, the survival curve reflected by the time change was measured by the photoelectric turbidimetric counting method. The results showed that the bacteriostasis of the decoction had obvious bacteriostasis, the MIC of Escherichia coli was 250 g/L, and MBC was 500 g/L; when the concentration of the liquid was larger than 125 g/L, the decoction of traditional Chinese medicine had obvious bacteriostasis effect on Escherichia coli.
Investigation and Conservation of Reptiles in Jigongshan National Nature Reserve
FANG Chengliang
2018, 31(4): 573-577.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.012
[Abstract](35) [FullText HTML] [PDF 693KB](1)
In order to make a further understanding on the resource distribution and species diversity of reptiles, an investigation was carried out in Henan Jigongshan National Nature Reserve from February to September 2016. A total of 34 reptile species (belonging to 22 genera, 7 families, and 2 orders) were recorded. Among of those, 3 species belong to Testudoformes and 31 species belong to Squamata. According to the geographic distribution of these reptiles, 20 species belonged to the Oriental realm, 5 species to the Palaearctic realm, and 9 species to the cosmopolitan realm. Based on the distribution pattern of these reptiles, 22 species belonged to southern China type and Oriental type, 7 species to monsoon type, 5 species to northeast and north China type. They were 64.72%, 20.58% and 14.7%, respectively. Based on the results, the reptile diversity, the community characteristics of reptiles,the threat factors and the endangered protective reptiles were discussed in this area, and four recommendations for effective management and conversation were proposed.
Diversity Analysis of Phenotypic Characteristics for Henan Local Tea Germplasm Resources
PAN Yuting, YUAN Zhengfang, YUAN Hongyu, BAN Qiuyan, JIANG Changjun
2018, 31(4): 578-585.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.013
[Abstract](49) [FullText HTML] [PDF 5710KB](2)
Diversity analysis of phenotypic characteristics for 113 Henan local teas germplasm resources. The results showed that the phenotypic characteristics of Henan local tea germplasm resources were rich in variation and diversity. The average diversity index (H') of 12 descriptive characteristics were 0.97, the highest was leaf color and character of leaf level, respectively. There were significant correlations among those phenotypic characteristics.The biggest correlation coefficient was 0.85 between the leaf length and the leaf area.The 113 germplasm resources were clustered into 4 groups by using cluster analysis based on those 12 descriptive characteristics. According to the leaf area, leaf shape and leaf color, the 113 Henan local tea germplasm resources were divided into 31 types.
Analysis of Grassland Landscape Evolution in the Yellow River Basin Based on MODIS Data
LIU Bin, YANG Heng, XU Fan, CHEN Zishao, XU Peng, WU Qing
2018, 31(4): 586-591.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.014
[Abstract](110) [FullText HTML] [PDF 837KB](7)
Based on MODIS land use types and vegetation data, the slope and correlation analysis were used to discuss the area change, temporal and spatial evolution characteristics of grassland landscape and the response to the structure and function of the whole river basin. During the past 13 years, the landscape area of grassland in the Yellow River basin decreased obviously.The most significant shift was to the agricultural land. The average annual NDVI in the Southwest and Middle Eastern areas of the grassland landscape in the past 13 years were higher, and the North and Northwest were lower. The growths of average annual NDVI in the eastern part of grassland was obvious at the rate of 0.08/10a. The average NDVI of the grassland during the period showed a flat decreasing trend, the seasonal variation trend of NDVI was obvious, the summer and autumn were higher, the winter and spring were lower,and NDVI was the highest in August,but lowest in January. The area change of grassland had an obvious response to the ecological system in the Yellow River basin. There was a significant negative correlation between the area change of grassland and aggregation index and biodiversity diversity index. With the decrease of grassland landscape area, the aggregation of the overall landscape was increasing and the biodiversity index decreased gradually indicating ecological quality reduced.
Characteristics of Heavy Metal Contamination and Health Risk Assessment in the Outer and Inner Subway System of Zhengzhou City
GU Jiawei
2018, 31(4): 592-598.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.015
[Abstract](41) [FullText HTML] [PDF 1379KB](0)
Samples from twenty subway stations were collected and six heavy metals,Cr,Ni,Cu,Zn,Cd and Pb were determined.The results showed that the concentrations of heavy metals in the subway dust were higher than the background values,and the concentrations were sorted as "first-floor samples > second-floor samples > street samples".The heavy metals contamination assessment was ranked as Pb ≫ Cd≈Zn > Cu > Cr > Ni.The carcinogen risk of Cr was slightly higher than the threshold values.The heavy meals sources in the subway dust might be derived from gasoline combustion,vehicle brakes,atmospheric deposition and wheel-rail abrasion,etc.Closer heavy metals sources and the transportation distance might play a vital role in the pollution situation.Especially,the extremely fine partial matters could travel a long haul through the ventilation system and subsided in the underground space.
Quantitative Analysis of Land Use Structure Change in Developed Areas——Taking Cixi City of Zhejiang Province as an Example
2018, 31(4): 599-605.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.016
[Abstract](35) [FullText HTML] [PDF 445KB](1)
Taking the developed Cixi city of Zhejiang province as the example area, the land use types, comprehensive degrees of land use, location indexes of land use, and the information entropies of land use structures were explored by using a research method of quantitative geography model combined with information entropy. The results showed that:(1) the land use structure of some towns in Cixi city was strongly affected by the topography,while the land use type of some towns and streets was not complete. The proportions of urban village, industrial, and mining land in some towns were too large, thus the possibility of cultivated land be squeezed was very large in the future;(2) generally speaking, the diversification of the land usage in Cixi city was in the middle level, and the difference among different towns was not big. The centralization degree of all towns was somehow low, and the overall level of land usage types in the whole city was low too;(3) the comprehensive degree of land usage in Cixi city was relatively high. The comprehensive degree of each town was contributed by its location, topography, the level of economic development, industrial structure and so on. The dominance and equilibrium of land use type of all towns were quite different;(4) the influencing factors of land use structure in Cixi city were mainly contributed by:topography, the level of economic development, the characteristics of urbanization and industrial structure, etc. Their influence mechanism on land use structure was totally different.
Research on the Spatial Distribution and Local Features of Poverty-Stricken Population in Henan
WANG Yimin, WANG Tingting
2018, 31(4): 606-610.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.017
[Abstract](36) [FullText HTML] [PDF 607KB](2)
The poverty-stricken population spatial database in Henan was built with the help of GIS. Furthermore,the distribution characteristics of poverty-stricken areas, the degree of poverty-stricken population agglomeration and diffusion, the division of poverty-stricken areas were visualized to better understand the law of poverty-stricken population distribution. The main conclusions could be drawn as follows:(1) most of Henan poverty-stricken counties distributed in South, Southwest and Southeast, minority of them distributed in north and central area;(2) the poverty-stricken population in Henan was the densest in Zhoukou and Nanyang, and that was the most dispersed in Xinxiang;(3) the spatial distribution of poverty-stricken population showed the agglomeration of similar values. The poverty-stricken population tended to centralize on the whole;(4) there were significant differences of poverty-stricken level in the five geographical regions of central Henan, western Henan, north Henan, south Henan and east Henan, and that was the most serious in south Henan and east Henan;(5) Henan was classified into 4 areas according to the poverty occurrencerate. The four areas were poverty eradication area, mild poverty area, moderate poverty area and severe poverty area.
Study on Regional Differentiation and Characteristics of Targeted Students in Poverty-Stricken Universities
2018, 31(4): 611-616.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.018
[Abstract](43) [FullText HTML] [PDF 1165KB](1)
The distribution characteristics of the students' source fields in Xinyang Normal University from 2014 to 2017 was statistically analyzed with nearest neighbor index and the Lorenz curve verification method.The results showed that the overall distribution of the funded subjects of Xinyang Normal University had the following characteristics:less interannual change;overall agglomeration, partial dispersion, and high proportion of impoverished counties;the distribution of funded objects was negatively related to the distance between their source places and schools. Finally, with reference to the natural and social reasons that affected the geographical distribution of the funded objects, it provided a reference for the formulation of future funding system policies from the perspective of geographical differentiation.
Study on Traffic Structure of Zhengzhou City
2018, 31(4): 617-621.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.019
[Abstract](37) [FullText HTML] [PDF 515KB](0)
Since the first comprehensive traffic survey in Zhengzhou in 1987,there have been five large-scale comprehensive traffic surveys.On the basis of the five urban comprehensive traffic surveys,the longitudinal comparative analysis on the factors influencing the choice of travel modes and the traffic structure of Zhengzhou was conducted with the methods of empirical analysis and expert interview.The key factor to solve the urban traffic congestion problem was to adjust the traffic structure,so as to provide a certain reference basis for improving the traffic structure and easing traffic congestion.
Hierarchical Structure and Distribution Pattern of Chinese Urban System Based on Network Attention
GUO Weidong, ZHONG Yexi, FU Yu, XU Yu
2018, 31(4): 622-627.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.020
[Abstract](32) [FullText HTML] [PDF 729KB](0)
289 prefecture-level and above cities in mainland China were selected as the research object, and Baidu index data of each city was collected. Graphical discriminant analysis and cluster analysis were used to discriminate the hierarchical structure of China's urban system. 3 national central cities, 13 regional center cities, 22 provincial center cities and 251 local center cities were celected. This research showed that the hierarchical pyramid pyramid structure of Chinese cities under the information network was already obvious; the rank of cities was significantly affected by social economy, tourism culture and hot events; the distribution of high-grade cities was presented of a "Eastern and southern dense,Western and northern sparse" state, which was consistented with the distribution pattern of urban groups.
Determination of Acetaminophen by an Electrochemical Sensor Based on Polymethyl Blue/Acetylene Black
LU Xianchun, WANG Shasha, LI Zhiling, CHEN Jincao, XU Chunxuan
2018, 31(4): 628-631.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.021
[Abstract](180) [FullText HTML] [PDF 587KB](13)
Acetaminophen electrochemical sensor for acetaminophen was prepared by modifying the glassy carbon electrode with methyl blue and acetylene black nanomaterials. The electrochemical behavior of acetaminophen on this sensor was investigated by cyclic voltammetry. The results indicated its good electrocatalytic activity on the redox reactions of acetaminophen. Compared with the bare glassy carbon electrode, the oxidation peak current of acetaminophen on oursensorthe sensor, methyl blue and acetylene black modified glassy carbon electrode, significantly increased. Analysis was conducted by differential pulse voltammetry. The acetaminophen oxidation peak currents of acetaminophen showed a good linear relationship with and its concentrations in the range of 2.0~400 μmol/L. showed a good linear relationship with the correlation of was 0.992. The detection limit of acetaminophen was as low as 0.6 μmol/L at signal-to-noise ratio of 3. This sensor was also employed for practical detection of acetaminophen tablets with the recovery recoveries rate between 99.3% to 103%.
Fluorescence Sensing Strategy for Sensitive Detection of Tetracyclines Based on Bovine Serum Albumin Templated Copper Nanoclusters
WANG Haibo, DONG Gaoli, BAI Hongyu, LI Yang, MAO Anli
2018, 31(4): 632-635.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.022
[Abstract](43) [FullText HTML] [PDF 622KB](2)
A rapid and label-free fluorescent sensing method has been established for sensitive detection of tetracycline (TC) by using bovine serum albumin (BSA) templated CuNCs as fluorescence probes. The strategy permitted sensitive detection of tetracycline in a linear range from 5.0×10-8 to 4.0×10-5 mol/L and with a detection limit of 5.0×10-9 mol/L. The sensor was successfully applied to determinate the tetracycline content in milk samples. It could provide a rapid and convenient fluorescent platform for tetracycline detection.
Adsorption and Release Performance of Quaternary Ammonium Modified Montmorillonite for 5-Fluorouracil
PENG Qi, GE Yingying, WANG Fanfan
2018, 31(4): 636-640.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.023
[Abstract](87) [FullText HTML] [PDF 1177KB](3)
Cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride (CTAC) was used to modify montmorillonite (MMT) to prepare organic montmorillonite (CMMT). Then the complexes were used to absorb the 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and coated with sodium alginate (SA). The performance of the release of the drug-loaded gels was measured, and the effects of pH and time on 5-FU release from the complexes were explored. Three models of in vitro drug release were used to simulate the release performance of 5-FU-loaded gels. The release mechanism of 5-FU from the gels and the feasibility of MMT as the sustained-release drug carrier were discussed. The results showed that CMMT/SA had the larger drug loading rate than MMT/SA, and the drug loading reached 0.6827 g/g. The release performance of 5-FU-loaded gels was mainly influenced by the pH value of media. The in vitro cumulative amount of 5-FU released from 5-FU/CMMT/SA at pH 7.4 reached 77.10%, and the lowest was at a pH value of 1.5. The first order kinetics model was better used to describe the variation of in vitro release rate of 5-FU with time at different pH values, compared to the Korsmeyer-Peppas and Higuchi models.
The Structure and Adsorption Properties of Carbon From Activated Sludge Modified by Flour
YU Xiaoxiao, YU Ruobing
2018, 31(4): 641-644.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.024
[Abstract](37) [FullText HTML] [PDF 885KB](3)
A novel carbon from activated sludge modified by flour was prepared.The preparation process includes mixing,fermenting,baking,KOH impregnation and carbonization at 1000℃.Specific surface area and morphology of carbon were characterized by specific surface area,pore size analyzer (BET) and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM),and the adsorption property was explored by UV-visible spectrophotometer (UV).The results are as follows:(1)the carbon with irregular multi-model hierarchical porosity has numerous pores;(2)after KOH activation,the pore volume and the specific surface area of carbon are up to 0.43 cm3/g and 648.2 m2/g,respectively;(3)dye removal efficiency of the carbon is above 90%.
Empirical Research on Rural Sewage Treatment Technology Decisions: the Yaahp Software Implementation Based on AHP
GAO Hui, SHEN Yuying, LIU Minghua, LI Tingting
2018, 31(4): 645-649.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.025
[Abstract](42) [FullText HTML] [PDF 1167KB](1)
On the basis of the complex-ecosystem theory,the framework system and evaluation index of technology decisions were constituted for rural sewage treatment. Meanwhile,the characters of three typical case villages on geography,climate and economy were considered with empirical research,through the Yaahp software implementation based on Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). Then some conclusions were indicated that bio-contact oxidation tank,stabilization pond and soil infiltration system conformed to the actual situation of different villages,respectively. According to the technical performances and economic indicator,sensitivity analysis results showed that the change of the indicators weight didn't affect the result of technical solution.
Operational Performance Analysisof Grid-Connected PV String-Type Inverter
HUANG Jing, LIU Jiangfeng, ZHAO Zhiqiang, YU Zhen, QI Zhiwei, CHEN Fudong
2018, 31(4): 650-656.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.026
[Abstract](49) [FullText HTML] [PDF 2020KB](5)
Combined with 10 kW photovoltaic test station in Xinyang area, the historical data collected by monitoring system is organized, the effect of irradiance on daily power generation of inverters were analyzed under four-type weather, and the influence of ambient temperature on inverter power generation was analyzed on clear days. For the distribution of light resources in Xinyang, the annual operation data of the inverter was analyzed and counted, and the corresponding weight coefficients and inverter efficiency were analyzed with seven power points. According to the efficiency weighting formula,"Xinyang efficiency" was calculated, and a method is proposed to improve inverter power generation in Xinyang area. Finally, Fluke435-Ⅱ power quality analyzer was used to monitor the AC grid-connected sides of two inverters, and the test results were compared and analyzed in detail.
Design of Cleaning Vehicle for Aircraft Hydraulic System
REN Zaiqing, ZHANG Wei
2018, 31(4): 657-660.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.027
[Abstract](50) [FullText HTML] [PDF 830KB](4)
For the requirements of aircraft hydraulic system cleaning,a convenient aircraft hydraulic system cleaning vehicle is designed. The cleaning vehicle consists of hydraulic system, circuit system and control panel. It adopts the technology of filter pollution monitoring and automatic protection of motor.The common problems of cleaning equipment were solved. The cleaning vehicle meets the test requirements of the aviation repair plant for cleaning equipment.
An Optimized Method for Solving Constrained Problem Based on Weighted PSO Algorithm
HU Xiuyun, QI Hongshen, LIU Daohua
2018, 31(4): 661-665.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.028
[Abstract](36) [FullText HTML] [PDF 1476KB](1)
In order to improve the solution quality of PSO with constrained problems, by converting equality constraint to inequality constraint through reduction stategy, the numbers of designed variables and dimensions of particles are reduced; meanwhile, by placing inequality constraint into subroutine beforehand, solutions that not within the solution space are excluded before using PSO optimization to calculate the fitness function so that the optimization calculation is reduced. By using informations of other particles during the optimization, inertia weights of PSO algorithm are adjusted, also, the optimization steps of the weighted PSO with constraint problems are given. By respectively dealing with the equality constraint, the inequality constraint and both of them through the weighted PSO and the tradional PSO to optimize two typical examples, from the comparisons of the optimal values, mean values, standard deviations and average optimization times which are obtained from the calculations of the examples, it is showed that the method of simultaneous processing to the constraint conditions by using weighted PSO can improve both the accuracy and effiency of the solutions.
Dynamic Intelligent Traffic Guidance Control System Based on Wireless Sensor
LI Xiaoying
2018, 31(4): 666-670.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.029
[Abstract](37) [FullText HTML] [PDF 405KB](2)
To improve vehicle travel efficiency and alleviate traffic congestion, a dynamic intelligent traffic guidance control system is designed. By using vehicle-mounted auto-induction device and wireless sensor network, the traveling information of vehicle is real-time monitored, collected and processed. Meanwhile, by the traffic control system, the status of traffic signal is adjusted. And the traffic guidance task model is transferred to weighted AOE network, based on that, the model guidance task is split, attached with real-time traffic situation constraint; the optimal path set of guidance problem could be resolved to realize the intelligent guidance to traffic. From the comparison of traffic data before and after optimization. The experimental results show that by using the proposed system, the travel efficiency is improved, the average running time and distance of vehicle are reduced, and the traffic flow information is maximum utilized.
Research on the Efficiency Optimization of ITS to Urban Road Transportation Based on the MOP Model
LI Mingwei, YANG Xin
2018, 31(4): 671-676.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.030
[Abstract](42) [FullText HTML] [PDF 476KB](1)
Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) has become the inevitable trend and the main ways to improve the efficiency of road network traffic. However, ITS application in traffic is influenced by many factors, which discounted the benefit to a great extent. Therefore, how to refine the optimization scheme of ITS on transport efficiency is a major task that the urban traffic faced, according to the actual needs of urban traffic. Through analyzing, the optimization goal and influencing factors are firstly cleared. Then the passenger person-kilometer of different traffic modes is selected as the main indicator. Moreover, the multi-objective planning method is selected and the MOP model of ITS to urban road network traffic efficiency is built. Furthermore, Beijing is selected as an example for empirical study. Research results show that the application of ITS is the support of different transportation to achieve the expected goal. Then the transportation turnover is put forward to ensure the optimal efficiency of network operation.
GPU Acceleration of the Finite Element Method Based on Matlab Platform
SU Hui, QIU Xiaqing, MA Wenpeng
2018, 31(4): 677-680.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.031
[Abstract](47) [FullText HTML] [PDF 356KB](1)
The acceleration of the two-dimensional Laplace equation on the GPU platform was realized by using the finite element method based on Matlab platform. Through the analysis of the physical problem and the construction of the physical model, the generation of the stiffness matrix of the whole CSR format was completed. Parallel programming of the finite element problem was implemented on the Matlab platform using the mixed programming of Matlab and CUDA. Combining with the CuBlas numerical calculation library, the PCG algorithm was used to solve the large linear sparse system of the assembly, and the velocity potential of each lattice can be iterated efficiently. This algorithm not only gives full play to the efficiency of Matlab in numerical calculation, but also gives full play to the advantages of GPU in fine-grained parallel acceleration.
Green Apple Image Segmentation Based on Multi-feature Fusion and Random Forest
WU Qinggang, ZHANG Weiguo, ZHAO Jinchao, ZHANG Qiuwen, JING Yu
2018, 31(4): 681-686.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.032
[Abstract](38) [FullText HTML] [PDF 2378KB](2)
In natural green apple images, the color difference between targets and background is small, which increases the difficulty of segmenting out interested objects. To overcome this problem, a novel apple image segmentation method based on multi-feature fusion and Random Forest (RF) is proposed. Firstly, six texture features of energy, entropy, contrast, correlation, entropy, the standard deviations of entropy and contrast are extracted from the raw image based on Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM). Secondly, the color components of G+0.5R-B in RGB space and S+I in HSI space are computed as the combined color features to avoid the influence of sky and highlight area to the segmentation result. Then, the extracted texture features and color features are fused together in pixels. Finally, the image segmentation is performed by applying Random Forests to the fused features and the segmentation results are compared with the traditional method which only considers the unique kind of features. Extensive experimental results qualitatively and quantitatively demonstrate the advantages of our algorithm by a significant improvement of 22.18% segmentation accuracy than the one only with texture features.
Studies on the Protection and Renewal of the Characteristics of Traditional Villages in the South of Henan Province——Take Xinyang Xihe Village as an Example
GAO Hongbo, WANG Yufeng, WANG Song, YIN Li, FU Liang
2018, 31(4): 687-692.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.033
[Abstract](41) [FullText HTML] [PDF 2251KB](1)
The history and current situation of Xihe Village, the significance of its protection research, and its existing problems were introduced firstly, and the specific protection research measures were put forward. Finally, from the protection of Xihe Village, the protection factors of traditional villages were summarized, which would be benefit for the protection of other traditional villages.
The Influence of Nonlinear Mode on Generalized Aerodynamic Spectrum in the Downwind
LI Yangyang, LI Jiancheng, FENG Songbao, SUN Lei, MA Hongrui, ZHANG Pinghua
2018, 31(4): 693-697.   doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1003-0972.2018.04.034
[Abstract](52) [FullText HTML] [PDF 980KB](1)
Combined with the coherence function of fluctuating wind load, the average wind speed profile index and the mode index, the method of numerical integration was used to calculate the generalized aerodynamic spectrum of nonlinear modes for high-rise buildings in the downwind. The fitting formula for that value was derived by multivariate linear regression analysis, whose reliability was confirmed by the wind tunnel test. At the same time, the effect of nonlinear vibration modes on the generalized aerodynamic spectrum of high-rise buildings was discussed with the vibration index as the parameters:When the vibration mode index is less than 1, the correction coefficient is more than 1, that is, the calculated generalized aerodynamic force spectrum by the traditional method is too small, which is not safe for the structural design, and on the contrary, it is less than 1. Base on the generalized aerodynamic spectrum of the linear mode, it is recommended to use a correction factor of 1.1 in the basic mode of the load code for the design of building structures.
2018, 31(4): 698-698.  
[Abstract](83) [PDF 344KB](3)
2018, 31(4): 699-699.  
[Abstract](78) [PDF 419KB](1)
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